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    What we can.

Special products for the food industry

Pregelatinized flour:
Due to extensive thermal and physical modification, the swelling characteristics of the flour are altered in such a manner that the cold-viscosity is the outstanding feature of this wheat flour. The scope of application includes the improvement of water absorption in dough up to the stabilisation of fat systems.

BMT flour:
The starch structure in BMT flour is altered by a special process to provide it with excellent flow and gelatinisation characteristics which are particularly utilised in soups and sauces.

Modified wheat flour:
Special Modification allow custom-fit flow and adhesive characteristics for batters, coatings and sauces.

Stabilised wheat germ and wheat bran:
The products are subjected to a thermal process whereby the valuable compounds are carefully stabilised and rendered storable. Vitamins and nutrients are thus preserved for the addition of these products to food, muesli bars, biscuits and pastry.

Milk replacer:
This pregelatinized flour is a highly solubilised product with precisely defined characteristics. It is the ideal raw material in the feed industry due to the incorporated proteins and solubilised wheat starch. The technological production process allows us to achieve minimal sedimentation in the suspension. The addition of aromas and vitamins promotes good granulation.

Customised flours:
We are happy to advise you if you require products for special applications.