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    What we can.

Standard flour for the food industry

The advantages of a long milling diagram combined with the option to revert to select cultivated wheat types from contract farming generate high product variety among the wheat milling products.

High gluten wheat flour type 550:
Create fermentation stability and baking volume in yeast-raised bakery products

Low gluten wheat flour type 550 and 812:
With their low gluten and/or protein content, these "weak" wheat flours are particularly suitable for the production of preserved pastry goods and biscuits.

Common wheat meal:
Due to its granulation and purity, our common wheat meal is excellently suited for mixtures in pasta products and fine sauces, filo pastry and other special applications.

Waffle flour:
Waffle flours are characterised by their low gluten content and good flow capacity. This ensures waffle sheets of uniform structure and firmness.